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One of the most requested item at Max & Emily’s is…..when can I order online?  Perhaps you are waiting at the doctor’s office and can’t pick up the phone to call.  Maybe you find yourself walking to your car after your 10am class at CMU.  Or maybe, just maybe, you have been calling but can’t get through because it’s Friday and everyone is calling and ordering our #1 selling sandwich “The Fiery Turkinator!”


Well today everything changes.  You see that cool “Order Online” button at the top of your screen, the one next to “Contact Us?”  Click it and you are on your way to a new site that is already built into our register system.  Simply follow the easy instructions, answer a few questions, and you are 20 minutes away from picking up your order.  Sorry, no deliveries are available with ordering online.


If you really want to be slick, look down below and download the app straight to your iPhone.  Search for Max & Emily’s and you’re ready to order.  See you at the deli!

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